Name- Tyler Clayton 
Nickname/screen name- Revel
Hometown- Atlanta, GA


In 2004 I attended the first Formula Drift event at Road Atlanta. Well that did it. It was time for me to get a proper car and have some fun. I picked up a 1991 Nissan 240sx that already had an SR20DET swap. The first shell was a complete rustbucket, but it was fine as my first drifter since I didn't care if it got beat up. A year and a half later, and a few of the basic suspension/power bolt-ons, I had gotten the basics down and could control the car decently. I then decided it was time to get a shell in better condition and picked up a 1992 240sx. Over the winter my friend Matt and I stripped the new shell and began swapping everything over. The new shell only lasted 11 months. I had a battle with a light pole at 60 mph. The light pole won and my driver door was almost touching the steering wheel, the sparco seat was reduced to 3" wide, and all the glass on the driver side was shattered. Somehow the suspension, motor, and the wheels were all fine and the car still drove straight, even though the steering wheel was lopsided something crazy. I immediately began searching for a replacement shell and soon had two 240s in my garage again. First thing on the 'to-do list' was a proper spec roll cage. No more street car.  Once that was done my friends and I began swapping everything still in working order over to the new shell. I then upgraded a few of things on the car. I have been driving the current car for a little over a year now with only a little bit of battle damage to show. Once everything was repaired I figured it was time to finally paint the car one color since it had been a multicolor madness for some time. In 2011 I was selected to be an ASD Mob Prospect. One of 5 selected into that group. ASD helped me to get my car more competitive and helped me learn how to keep it there at any track I drive at. The car did receive a few minor changes during the 2011 season. Most notable are the ASD/Wilwood S13 Ebrake kit, DriveshaftShop axles, and the custom oval tip ASD exhaust. The car will be getting checked over and I have few things I plan to change before the 2012 season. I don't like keeping the car the same for more than one season, so I will say I have designed my first livery and can't wait to unveil it.

My driving experiences include the 2011 SWD ProAM events and local/regional competition events. The most memorable of these still has to be the Drift Mechaniks "GossipGirl" events. A bunch of close friends on the Nashville Super Speedway road course just playing all day. I have also attended various HPDEs and autocross events to help progress my driving skills. I will finally be attending the EastCoastBash in Englishtown during my 2012 season after a minor wiring issue kept me from attending in 2011.

Huge thanks to ASD yet again for this opportunity, massive thanks to my wife for supporting me through all of this, big thanks to all my friends for helping me out with my car and my driving. Good friends are hard to find and the DriftMechaniks/TeamRowdy are a gold mine of great friends. If you see me at an event come up and say hi. It's always great to meet new people that share a love of drifting or people that are new to the scene.