Brian Kraft
89 240sx
Hometown: Denver, CO
Age: 36

Brian Kraft has been racing anything with wheels since a very young age.  Starting out in motocross, he stayed off road racing a Kawasaki sponsored KX until he graduated to street bikes at age 16.  Cars came into the picture soon after with drag racing and he became known for having one of the fastest street driven cars in the Denver area.  7 years ago he was introduced to drifting and he started competing 4 seasons ago.  In making the transition into this newer motorsport, he used car set-up technologies and driving techniques learned in drag, oval, and road racing to make himself very competitive.  In the ’11 season in Colorado, he earned himself a 1st place overall finish, a top qualifier, and two top 8 finishes.  Accomplishing this by running a SOHC against higher horsepowered SR’s and turbo cars; he has quickly made a name for himself in Colorado and is building up for the 2012 Vegas Pro Am series.  He will split his time between competing in Denver and Vegas in the coming year and is working on adding a second car to his team.

 He is very proud to have been selected to the ASD Mob for the 2012 season.  Brian already runs numerous products being offered by ASD and their partners, and looks forward to strengthening their brands by being a competitive force in the drift season to come.