At the age of 18 Stewart got into his first 240sx and hasn't looked back or slowed down since. It started as just a car until he discovered the fun of drifting. From that point on he couldn't get enough of it. He scraped by to make every local event he could from Dallas to Houston, practice events at roadcourses, even street stuff during downtime. About 3 years later after he'd gotten comfortable in the car he finished 2nd place in his first competition which got him a license in the Nopi Drift series. 

Now, almost 10 years later, Stewart is still competing at drift events around the US with a far more serious mindset and chassis. After the rough learning years his first car had been beaten beyond what it could handle and it was apparant that it was time to upgrade. The car of choice was to be an s13 with an LS1 swap which was rare at that particular point in time. Stewarts s13 has been in competitions ever since its creation including Formula D, XDC, various ProAM qualifiers and every local event he can possibly drag it to. 

 When you don't see Stewart on the track driving you can guarantee that you'll find him in the garage building up and tinkering with every aspect of his car. He prides himself in car functionality, competitive driving and good representation...fabrication and driving are his greatest passions. Be on the lookout in 2012 for his s13 as it will be at every event Stew can possibly get it to.