Name: Brian Skiba
Age: 30
Years in motorsport: 12
Years in drifting: 6
Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Day job: mechanic
Vehicle: 1990 Nissan 240sx w/ VH45DE V8

 Brian Skiba is no stranger to motorsports, having competed in some form since 2001. He started out with local SCCA Autocross events, resulting in several podium finishes at events, and a 2nd place in points for his class one season. All the while he had been constantly exposed to drifting through friends since 2002, including the requisite watching of “Initial D” and “The Drift Bible” videos.

As a mechanic by trade, he was always patching up his friends drift cars after many of their alleged “street sessions”. Eventually, in 2006, one of his best friends Sean Byrd, gave him an old 1990 240sx in trade for some major repair work. Brian then decided he would try drifting for himself. After installing some basic suspension upgrades, a welded rear differential, and doing some maintenance on the otherwise stock KA24DE motor that was swapped in, he started to do a little “practice” as many new drifters have to do.

Later that year Brian participated in his first drift event at Myrtle Beach Speedway in December of 2006. “It was amazing! The amount of seat-time and fun you have is unbeatable. I was totally hooked. The whole vibe and atmosphere at a drift event is so different to what I was used to in other forms of motorsport. It reminded me of the feeling I got when I used to go snowboarding with all my buddies!”

Afterwards he began attending as many events as possible; trying to get in as much seat time as he could. For the 2007 season he had begun placing as a top qualifier and finishing in the top 8 multiple times during Myrtle Beach Drift competitions. That same year he also competed in SCCA Drift's round 5 event at Cordele Georgia, and qualified 1st position with a 2nd place finish overall, beating out many more powerful cars.

In 2008, Myrtle Beach Drift held it's first annual championship series. Brian set his sights high and committed himself to chasing the title. During a season of fierce competition with other drivers in more powerful cars, he took home a podium finish at almost every event, including multiple 1st place finishes. In the end, he achieved his goal by a narrow margin: overall points winner in the inaugural Myrtle Beach Drift Championship!

In 2009, while defending his title, Brian took home multiple 1st place qualifiers and podium finishes at Myrtle Beach Drift; as well as competing in a few of the Streetwise Drift AM events, placing 2nd in one event. In the first event of the Myrtle Beach Drift 2010 season he took 1st place qualifying and finish. During the latter half of the 2010 season he realized that it was time to take things up a notch. Brian decided to build a new car that was fully competition oriented and more powerful.

Throughout 2010 & 2011 he focused on building his new V8 powered car; which will be finished for the 2012 Pro-Am competition season. In addition, Brian was extremely fortunate to be selected for the 2012 ASD Mob program. This is a very exciting opportunity which partners promising drivers with the knowledge and experience of a company that has been preparing professional level drift cars for many years. “I am super excited to be asked to join the ASD family! I look forward to growing with them, and furthering my relationship with ASD and all of the Mob program partners.” Brian is looking forward to competing in the Streetwise Drift Pro-Am series for 2012 and continuing the development of his new car and driving program.