When explaining drifting to other people, Brock describes it as “the most fun you can have in a car.” With that being said, it makes sense that drifting is his primary automotive focus, and anything automotive he does is somehow related to it.

The 2011 drift season was a major turning point in Brock's driving career. The program picked up some real partners, and a lot of focus went into working as a team to put forth a championship effort within the Texas Pro-Am series. Brock White Racing finished out the season in 6th place overall, due to an engine failure at the final round. Beyond that, the season was a great success with a lot of aggressive driving and a win at round 2!

Brock White began drifting in 2004, and has worked in the automotive and motorsports industries since 2003.  Brock currently works as on official for an international racing series. 

Q&A Interview with Brock White:

Why do you like this sport?
Drifting is all about mastering driving technique. It's like the kung-fu of motorsports.

What inspires you to compete?
I want to take this somewhere. I enjoy being part of a sport that's in its infancy, helping to grow and shape it. If we all do our part to make it big, then we'll all get more opportunities to drive fast cars in cool places.

Describe your style...
I tend to try and out-drive myself on practice days. It can look sketchy, but pushing the limits helps me progress faster and be cooler behind the wheel than the next guy.

I listen to a wide variety of stuff that most people don't like. I'm big into electronic music, undercore and goth stuff, some metal, some hip hop, and a lot of classic country music. Don't mess with Texas!